STRAKS Second Round of Bounty Rewards


STRAKS Second Round of Bounty Rewards

STRAKS is excited to announce it’s second round of Bounty Rewards this round will run through November 17th, 2018. The 1 year Anniversary of the launch of STRAKS!


500 STAK depending on quality of video submitted.

  • 50 STRAKS every 1k views above 5k Views.

The description of the video must include a link to the STRAKS website, STRAKS official social media channels and at least one of the cryptocurrency exchange sites it is currently hosted on.
Video must be at least one minute and thirty seconds long and must include voice over. Your channel must be at least 2 months old.

This bounty is limited to a maximum of 50 users.

Reddit is a crucial building block of the STRAKS community to stimulate engagement. Please see the reward plan below. These must not be simple one-liner comments nor posts. They must work to engage community and communication. Posts and comments can either be in STRAKS’ own community or any cryptocurrency related channel.

50 STAK for post or comment with Karma greater than 5, and 10 STAK for every 10 Karma above 50.

Write content about STRAKS in some capacity and earn rewards as per below. Blogs must contain a link to STRAKS’ official website, STRAKS official social media channels and at least one listed exchange for STRAKS.

100 STAK for blog posts about STRAKS. You must have at least 10 followers and receive at least 10 claps on Medium or 10 upvotes on Steemit.
Bonus: 25 STRAKS for every 10 claps/up-vote

Tweets or Posts about STRAKS should at least contain a mention back to one of our official channels hash-tagged together with #STRAKS and #STAK

Every 10 Re-Tweets or Facebook Shares worth 25 STAK

The bounty campaign will be ongoing from the 1st of October until the 31st of October.

Entries will be checked to prevent spam and dishonest behaviour.

How to claim:
Please submit your information in this Google Document:

STRAKS Social Media Channels
Bitcointalk ANN thread: