[Project] STRAKS Incubator


STRAKS Incubator

STRAKS Vote: Is evolving into STRAKS Incubator!

STRAKS Incubator incorporates the best of a number of thriving community-minded business models.
Do you have an idea that you need funded to take it to the next level? Is your idea truly ground-breaking that it will take a team to make it come to life? You might have a project that is in the proof-of-concept stage with a working demo. You are ready to take it to market but you need industry professionals to help make it a complete project!

STRAKS Incubator will allow industry experts to contribute their expertise to your product or project.

As we deliver on the roadmap STRAKS Incubator will progress from being a crowd-funding portal, while also delivering on the promise of STRAKS Vote by giving the community a means of expressing their support for internal projects, and funding products, projects, or services that other members propose,…


Get-Funded: publish your project and find sponsors

  • STRAKS Vote: utilizing the Get-Funded platform will be implemented through a custom project type that will allow for voting on projects submitted by the STRAKS Team, and the community wants the STRAKS team to focus on.

STRAKS Grants: Only project proposals that enrich the STRAKS Eco-system are eligible for a STRAKS Grant
worth up to 25% of the projected projects funding target.
Must meet eligibility criteria

  • Detailed Business Goal that it addresses
  • Research data supporting the idea
  • High Community Support (Votes/Comments)
  • 75% of funding Target Reached
  • Industry Expert/s Endorsement / Committed to contribute
  • Need to build a team of investors or industry leaders? you can set options for STRAKS TANK Investors to buy a percentage of your business. In exchange for structured investments and their business expertise.

STRAKS TANK: Are you an industry expert in the following areas, that likes to invest in new products/ideas?

  • Marketing / PR
  • Supply Chain
  • Global Business Relationships
  • Manufacturing/Packaging
  • Patents/Copyrights/Trademarks?
  • Logistics
  • ….

Do you like to mentor others? Register and get verified as an Expert in your Field and earn STRAKS Rewards:
• Endorse Projects/Products by reviewing and adding your insights and comments
• Sponsor a project by committing to donating a block of time once the project is funded.
• ….

The Initial RoadMap can be found here: