Online Merchandising


I work at a private catalog/ecommerce company in MN/OH that could possibly utilize this marketplace and Straks as it’s big jumping point. We have been slowly transitioning into selling on Ebay and Amazon, but what if I pitch to them to start using this marketplace as the go to spot? It seems like a massive upheaval, but what if I brought the two sides together? I could be just insane though. So shoot me down if need be.


First of all thanks for giving the marketplace an opportunity. It will be great if not excellent if you pitch in with your company. What type of items will be posted?


You can check them out on,, Acornonline, Bas Bleu, and Support Plus . The owner is a bit old fashioned, but also trying to move the company in a greater direction so, I’m not sure if they’d be up for it, but thought I’d check with the merchants I work with at the moment. I’m a business analyst for the company so pretty much a glorified excel user, so not sure how much they’ll listen to me, but my direct boss is the CFO and I get requests from the CEO on a daily basis. So have a few ears if I can get up the courage to pitch this idea.