New Members of The STRAKS Team


We are pleased to announce the addition of TWO new members to the STRAKS team:

Michael Reid (aka Meshak#9999) - Marketing and Business Development

Extensive experience working as an account manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and over 20+ years in the IT industry. He has built up a valuable portfolio of contacts and has direct access to key persons and engineers who work for industry giants such as Wal-Mart, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, AVAYA and EMC. Another valuable addition to the marketing team, and one who will directly influence STRAKS’ e-commerce strategy and adoption.

Freeman (freeman#8085) - Developer

Many may know of Freeman already having used his Swagger file for the explorer API, or his python explorer client. He is a cyber threat intelligence engineer with experience of deploying numerous full stack applications, and a keen open source contributor. He is joining STRAKS to initially work on a key project that will ease the deployment of STRAKS for e-commerce application - more information on this at a later date. Without doubt, he will be a major contributor to the security infrastructure for the marketplace in due course. A great addition to the STRAKS team.

If you are interested in joining the STRAKS team, a brief direct email to [email protected] stating how we can contact you and your fit for the role applied for is all that is needed. Please note that you will not be interrogated via a formal interview process. We are simply looking for individuals who share the same passion as the team for cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and STRAKS.