Marketing and Social Media Manager


Please note that the role as detailed is considered as a voluntary contribution to an open-source project. Discretionary gifts in relation to the role, denominated in STAK, as a member of the STRAKS team (and project), is not a salary, wage, payment-in-kind, or any other form of payment that can lead to a determination of gainful employment under any legal jurisdiction.

The role encompasses, but not limited to, the individual to;

  • Develop a marketing and social media strategy and set goals to increase brand awareness and increase engagement
  • Manage all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit
  • Communicate with target audiences and build and develop customer relationships
  • Work closely with in-house or external creative agencies to design marketing materials
  • Develop and manage competitions and campaigns that promote STRAKS
  • Write engaging blog posts and articles
  • Maintain and update customer databases
  • Conduct market research, for example using customer questionnaires and focus groups
  • Create engaging multimedia content such as videos, and/or outsource this effectively
  • Form key relationships with influencers across the social media platforms
  • Manage and facilitate social media communities by responding to social media posts and developing discussions
  • Monitor and report on performance on social media platforms using tools such as Google Analytics
  • Publicly verifiable identity required
  • Preference for multi-lingual individuals (non-latin/non-germanic languages)

Please post a very short description of your fit for the role. You do not have to detail specifics, just enough to be shortlisted.


Hi, would just like to clarify first and foremost that i feel the Social Media Manager part of this is not what im looking for.

Im more in to the marketing area/business relations part where i feel i can contribute.

I have a broad network of contacts i can use both within the marketing part as i am a racingdriver myself and know how to make the most of a marketing oppurtunity.

Also thanks to this i believe i have a very strong network of contacts that Straks could benefit from. As i have talked to Kasper about a selection of higher positioned people in some areas where i believe Straks could be either implemented or possibly work with to improve the usage of Straks in the everyday life.

Im on Discord and go under Graev#0547

If you have any questions or anything else. Just send me a DM there.


Thanks for the interest, we’ll be in contact in the next few days.