Join the STRAKS Team


Following extensive internal discussions and the resolution of various key issues, we are pleased to announce that STRAKS is looking to expand and add new brand management, marketing and public relations people to the team. In total we are targeting five to six new members.

The roles to be filled are as follows, please follow the links for more detailed descriptions;

Brand and Product Manager

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Community Manager and Public Relations

Our existing moderator, @Proximus, will now fall under the umbrella of Community Moderator and Public Relations, and two additional members of the community have been selected unanimously for a total headcount of three for the Community Moderators and Public Relations role. These members will be notified in due course.

Please note, the process for selecting a candidate will consist of:

  1. Initial shortlist based off interest and fit
  2. Internal discussion and views on short listed candidates
  3. Very very brief Q&A session with the candidate

Please use the forum and reply directly to the posted role, or email the STRAKS team, or directly message any member of the team via our Discord server. Selected individuals will be contacted after stage two above.

We are not looking to make this an onerous and formal process. We want people to join the team who share a passion for the project. It is unfortunate that we cannot simply add everyone who shows interest or volunteers. However, we fully expect the team to grow organically as the STRAKS project develops and positioning is adapted to market conditions. Further opportunities to join the team will become available in the near future.

Please note that all the roles will “gift” STRAKS in-line with internal policy.