Brand and Product Manager


Please note that the role as detailed is considered as a voluntary contribution to an open-source project. Discretionary gifts in relation to the role, denominated in STAK, as a member of the STRAKS team (and project), is not a salary, wage, payment-in-kind, or any other form of payment that can lead to a determination of gainful employment under any legal jurisdiction.

STRAKS is looking for a Brand and Product Manager who intrinsically understands the cryptocurrency space and competitive positioning. The individual has experience in driving adoption without needing to rely solely on feature driven new market positioning. Ultimate oversight and management of marketing and public relations will fall under the this role. As a greenfield project we expect maximum flexibility in their approach.

The role encompasses, but not limited to, the individual to;

  • Contribute towards product strategy and vision
  • Collect, analyse and respond to user feedback
  • Gather and evaluate ideas and opinions
  • Plan new features and changes to a product
  • Demonstrate new ideas and features to stakeholders
  • Create timelines and roadmaps for developing the product
  • Attend conferences and events related to a product or sector
  • Implement or support marketing campaigns
  • Inspire and enthuse colleagues and users of the product
  • Learn about users and a product’s market
  • Research competitors and similar products
  • Publicly verifiable identity required

Please post a very short description of your fit for the role. You do not have to detail specifics, just enough to be shortlisted.


I would like to express my interest in this position. I’m a big fan of Straks. I am a regular investor of masternodes and have been investing in cryptos for about a year now. I actually serve a similar role to this for another crytpo coin. I’m part of a small team where we are reviving a dead coin. I work on the more community, branding, and product management part of the team. I stay on top of responding to user feedback, think of ways for us to work with the community, come up with ideas for the coin and other things. And my identity can be verified.


Thanks for the interest guys, we’ll be in contact in the next few days.


Hey Guys, I’ve been speaking to a team member regarding various topics, and it was suggested I jump in here and let you know that I would definitely be interesting in being a part of the STRAKS team in whatever role best fits the Project, and my skill-sets. I have 20+ years in IT, with a variety of contacts from over the years that may be of use.

I’ll gladly go into details as needed.


Discord: @Meshak